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Gene Mirabelli was born in Arlington, but he grew up in neighboring Lexington, Massachusetts, and went to the public schools there. He attended MIT for two years and Harvard for two more, and there he received his BA. After trying his hand at a variety of writing jobs for two years, he returned to formal studies and received his MA from Johns Hopkins, and later a PhD from Harvard, taught graduate and undergraduate courses at the State University of New York at Albany, and also led workshops in their writing program during its heyday. He retired from the academic world as a Full Professor and is now Professor Emeritus, SUNY, Ablany. He was one of the founders and a director of Alternative Literary Programs in the Schools (ALPS), and served as its treasurer for over twenty years. ALPS, a non-profit corporation, was established to bring poets and writers to the schools of New York State to give creative writing workshops. Many years ago, as a young man, he married Margaret Black. They had three children who, in turn, had children. Gene and Margaret had a happy life together. Margaret, an editor and book reviewer, died unexpectedly in 2010.


The writer's most recent works are Renato, the Painter, and the shorter follow-up novel, Renato After Alba, both published by McPherson & Co. in 2012 and 2016.The writer's first novel,The Burning Air, was published by Houghton Mifflin in 1959. This was followed by The Way In, (Viking), No Resting Place, (Viking), The World at Noon, (Guernica Editions of Canada). The small independent publisher Spring Harbor Press brought out his two somewhat controversial but highly praised works, The Language Nobody Speaks and The Passion of Terri Heart as well as the engeaging, serio-comic novel, The Goddess in Love with a Horse.

Gene Mirabelli still occationally writes the online cultural commentary site, Critical Pages (it's about anything that catches his attention) and and for years he contributed articles on politics, economics and social issues, as well as book reviews and interviews for a left-leaning alternative newsweekly. Gene has received grants for his work, including a Rockefeller Grant, has been nominated for a couple of Pushcart Prizes and a Nebula Award, and his short fiction has been anthologized and published in Chinese, Czech, French, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, and Sicilian; his novel, The Language Nobody Speaks, is one of the few erotic novels from the West to be translated and published in Muslim Turkey.