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A Quick Summary...

The Goddess in Love with a Horse is a magical novel. It tells a story of Sicilians who migrate from Italy to America but never lose their intimacy with ancient gods. Mirabelli’s characters are paragons of beauty and superhuman desire that might have stepped out of Ovid’s Metamorphoses.”—Robert Viscusi

The Goddess in Love with a Horse marries the long reach of history to the present moment, the real to the surreal, the romantic to the workaday world—and does so with great grace throughout. Eugene Mirabelli crosses the Atlantic by sea and air and on a magic carpet woven out of language; his wit and passionate brio can transport us all.”—Nicholas Delbanco

“Eugene Mirabelli has plucked the unforgettable Terri Heart [The Passion of Terri Heart] from one of the most painful intersections of recent history, a time when a pure, brilliant love met the evil of a corrupting culture. Terri is a lovable tart and saint, rendered unforgettable by Mirabelli’s wonderful writing. This touching, deft, and suspenseful novel should take its place on that lovely shelf alongside Lolita.”—Andrei Codrescu, NPR

The Language Nobody Speaks is "a small masterpiece of the kind that if this were France, everybody would be buying."—Andrei Codrescu

"The World at Noon is history, myth, and folklore. But above all else, it is art." —Kenneth Scambray

"No Resting Place is the best book about a contemporary marriage I have ever read."—Anne Bernays

"The discovery of world and self [in The Way In]...Eugene Mirabelli translates into terms so fresh and primary that they seem uniquely his own...a virtuoso performance."—The New York Times

The Burning Air "tells more of love than 1,000 weightier novels."—London Sunday Dispatch


The Burning Air is "a notable success."—Saturday Review

“For those who long to discover new writers of quality, Mirabelli is well worth the effort.”—Philadelphia Inquirer